Biker Rings and Biker Things

First, a little bit of history. At the conclusion of the Mexican civil war, the Peso was put into good use. Having been devalued, some Craftsman began to elt down the coins and make some big, solid silver rings. These ring should have more value than the peso.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, the motorcycle clubs of North America would come down to the Mexican border and throw around five u s dollars purchase their own souvenir rings for their bike clubs.

Rings made of silver and brass which made them doubly useful as a knuckle-duster.

If you were a passionate biker, then You took your finger jewelry seriously, and you chose what you wore carefully.

Putting a skull ring on your finger is one of the many ways you can tell people that you’re a badass character. These stainless steel heavyweights are intimidating and hard to ignore.

They wear well with age and seem to become part of the bikers hand over time.

If you’re in the market for a biker ring yourself the only advice, I can give you as a girl is to make sure you get the sizing right. You can find an excellent ring sizing chart and size information at

Games on a bikers finger are among his most important accessories. A bikers ring is among the most important biker accessories. They reflect the personality, temperament, and allegiance of a biker.

Here are some of the better-known ones.

Skull Rings

Skull rings seem to me to do one thing: Intimidate. They are dark and bold and rough in their finish. Made from silver but often including titanium and stainless steel to maintain strength.

Skull rings come in various shapes and sizes. A simple size chart for your biker ring will get you headed in the right direction.

Just be sure that you choose which finger you’re going to put it on before you make the purchase so that you can use the size chart accurately.

Tattoo Design Rings

Tattoo design rings are among the more popular and in demand things available. Tattoos have been imprinted on the hard metal surface of the silver or stainless steel.

These tattoo designs reflect allegiances to Biker clubs and even include a range of religious rings for those who have a religious affiliation.

But don’t let the religious symbolism fool you. These rings are worn by hardy and toughened and bikers.

Bishops Rings

Bishops Rings or Stone Biker Rings are rings that are typically worn by only a certain types of biker groups.

These rings tend to cover in a mix of stylized designs with precious or semi precious stones in the metal. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn on any finger once you have the sizing of the ring done to suit your hand and the finger you plan to wear it on.

The other thing to consider is not over the size of your finger but the size of your hand and the other rings you have on either hand.

For Biker rings, I tend to go for the artsy handcrafted silver type, those which you don’t see on an everyday basis. But I don’t wear them on my fingers all the time.

I made a chain-belt of carabiners and clipped the rings I don’t wear on the chain. It works great for as a place to store my rings and still show them off to others.

Bike Club and biker jewelry are as diverse as any other variety of jewelry. While many of the rings may appear to look similar, they are all quite distinct and unique.

The bikers, it’s not all about the skulls. You will also see many bikers wearing crosses right next to their skull ring. People who appreciate skull and cross imagery tend to appreciate biker style in general.

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