In-Style Shoes that Last

Fashion is in a state of constant change. Almost nothing stays in style forever. Almost.

It seems that some things stay trendy in our hearts and minds forever, no matter how misguided the notion may be or even if we are perpetuating the trend ourselves.

Either way, these five shoes never seem to go out of style, no matter how long they stay around.

Ugg Boots

You probably knew this one already, simply because you’ve seen them every winter since they were created.

If it’s cold out, you’re guaranteed to see Ugg boots somewhere on the street. Aside from being widely popularised by social media and celebrities alike, Uggs do have their practical purposes as well as being stylish.

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After all, it’s much better to be warm and fashionable than just one or the other.

Leather Boots

Leather boots will never go out of style because leather itself will never go out of style.

People love leather. It’s luxurious, comfortable, and a symbol of prestige, or at least significant wealth if you have it to spend on leather boots.

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Of course, they look fantastic too, which is an added bonus, but even if they didn’t, the fact that they’re leather would probably sell them by the thousands anyway.


Practicality and convenience breed popularity. The day sneakers were invented they were guaranteed to become a staple piece of footwear for humanity the world over.

Simple to make, cheap to produce, durable, comfortable, and yet still stylish; there’s really nothing that sneakers don’t bring to the table.


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Even if you’re the type of person who likes prestigious shoes, sneakers even have luxurious brands as well.


Like with sneakers, sandals are so immensely popular and timeless because they have practical use.

They may not be stylish per se, but they are perfect for so many situations that there’s just no reason to ever get rid of them.


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Whether you just need something on your feet to go and grab the mail or you want to enjoy the breeze as you walk along the beach, sandals have been a mainstay of traditional footwear for as long as they have been around, and chances are they always will be.

The Loafer

Casual yet stylish at the same time. It’s a hard combination for any shoe to achieve, but the loafer has been doing it for years.


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There’s something to be said about a design that’s fancy but not too fancy to be comfortable.

And what’s even better than having that combination? Being stylish and good looking while doing it, of course. Loafers are classy yet not enough to be stuffy, adding to their popularity. Many shoes come and go, but these five right here are our footwear stalwarts.

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