Hair Tutorial – Beachy Waves

You have you fab CactusRose threads, you have applied your make-up to perfection, but you have absolutely no idea what to do with your hair. Well my little lovelies in my experience you can’t go wrong with gorgeous beachy waves – a fairly simple look to achieve that works on all hair lengths (except for the buzz cut of course), is effortlessly chic and can stand up to even the most disheveling of weather.

Some of the world’s most stylish celebs are also a fan of the low maintenance look, making it a regular appearance on the red carpets and on the streets – a real versatile head turner!

Beachy Waves (L-R): Emma Stone, Jessica Biel and Jessica Chastain.

We find videos are always easy to follow instead of trying to read instructions with a comb stuck in your hair, smoking hairdryer in one hand and a handful of mousse in the other.

So instead we found a great tutorial on creating beachy waves by renowned UK hair stylist, John Freida on Youtube – who knew Youtube had videos on anything other than talking dogs?

Rock this look from the beach to the bar, just keep some sea salt spray handy – looking gorgeous!

Until next time!

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