Perfect Commemorative Tattoo

How to Choose the Perfect Commemorative Tattoo

Most tattoos are designed and inked for aesthetic purposes, but for those among us who uses tattoos to commemorate certain events, relationships and people, the types of tattoos need to be selected carefully.

If you are looking for ideas for your own commemorative tattoos, then consider attending an Australian tattoo expo, talking to friends with tats or speaking to a professional in the industry. Here are some more options.

A Family Member

For some of us, we love our family members so much that we want to show them that our commitment to love and cherish them back is just as permanent. You can commemorate your parents, your siblings or anyone else in your family by tattooing their role in your life along with something they love.

family tattoo

Typically, most people will opt for a simple banner-like design with a heart shape surrounding it. For simple tattoos like this one, you can use classic lettering with colourful designs to match.

A Lost Loved One

It is always a devastating event when we lose someone we love. This can be a family member, a childhood pet or any other ones we loved and lost either through tragic accidents or old age.

Commemorate their presence in your life with a portrait of these loved ones on your arm, or even with something as simple as the date of their departure. It won’t be something new to see these commemorative tattoos combining said loved one’s portrait, their names and the year of their departure either.


What better way to prove that your love for someone is forever than by using a tattoo? Tattoos such as this type typically feature a fancy calligraphy of your partner’s name. For braver souls, this can extend to a portrait of said partner.

mum and son

Of course, there are also matching tattoos for both parties in a relationship. Married spouses can tattoo their date of marriage on their ring finger to replace the traditional rings, while others can have a small, minimalistic tattoo featured elsewhere – on their back, their ankles, wrists, and many more.


Individuals with a wanderlust will relate to this! One of the most unique methods to commemorate your trips around the world would be to tattoo the outline of the world map on your back.

For each country you visit, you can tattoo some colours into the country outline. That’s a great way to plan your travels for the upcoming years!

Alternatively, you can tattoo a passport stamp of the important places you visited. The possibilities are endless!


If you have had a special working experience, such as in the military service, you may want to commemorate your experience and journey with a tattoo representing it.

A doctor’s tattoo could depict themselves at the surgery table with their tools, while a military army sergeant could depict themselves being in the war with their teammates.

These tattoos can also be symbolic – someone who has been a part of the war could tattoo a dove, symbolizing freedom, while another person who worked with the police department could have a balance depicting law and justice as their tattoo.

Spiritual Journey

You might see someone spiritual or religious with a tattoo symbolic of their religious journey. It’s not uncommon to see Christians with a tattoo of the cross on them, or a phrase from the bible.

matching tattoos

Others may also tattoo mandalas, chakras and figures of Gods on their bodies to symbolize their firm beliefs.


Having a child is an exciting experience for all parents – the event is so special that some parents tattoo their child’s first footprint on them along with their dates of birth.

For parents who swear to love their child with everything they have, they sometimes symbolize their love for the said child with a tattoo of their child’s name as well. If you are lucky enough to have recorded the first time your child called ‘Mama’ or ‘Papa’, you can even tattoo the soundwaves onto your arms!

Hero from History or Inspiration

Commemoration doesn’t have to be or someone who is close to us. Some of us, such as Stan Wawrinka, a famous tennis player, draws inspiration for a commemorative tattoo from Samuel Beckett’s words,

Stan Wawrinka

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better.”

If you have quotes that you live by, you can always be reminded of it by tattooing these quotes onto your arm. You can tattoo them in a simple typography, or in an elaborate calligraphy style. Just take your pick!

Feature image, Pexels, CC0 License

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