Try One of These Themes to Create a Stunning Cocktail Event

What sets one cocktail party apart from another? The drinks, hors devours, the music and even the guests might all be the same, but people best remember a cocktail party for its theme. Check out these cocktail event ideas that are sure to wow your guests:

White Oasis

White Oasis is an all-white themed cocktail party. Of course, the white candles and white lights help brighten the evening. Use crisp white linen tablecloths to add a formal touch and white flowers for centrepieces.

The guests arrive in all white attire. It’s a popular theme that meshes well with a cruise boat party. You don’t want to miss the whitefish-salad tea sandwiches or the white polenta with white mushrooms served with Parmesan cheese.

Secret Garden

The garden theme is a winner if you like being among fresh cut roses, zinnias and greenery. Bring out the floral plates, napkins and cushions to dress up space. Another decorating idea is to spruce up the ice cubes with edible flowers.

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What to serve? Sangria is a great idea as it is deliciously refreshing. Keep plenty of strawberries, pineapples and melons on board to combat your guests’ appetites.

Great Gatsby

The roaring 20s as brings back memories of fun times past. The beverages are made with gin, and of course, trays of Chandon and Moet champagne circulate the party. Set up the buffet with ham, salads, and pastries.

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The harlequin décor is nothing less than romantic. Decorate the courtyard with Tiki torches, white tents and tea lights.

Christmas Cocktail

The holidays are exciting times, aren’t they? Families get together and visit, but it’s the red, green and gold decorations that help make the events a success. One affordable idea is to repurpose empty wine or beer bottles and make candle holders out of them.

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Fill a candy dish with candles and mints, deli-style roll-ups or chunks of cheese. Some people will go with the traditional dinner consisting of a ham or turkey, but dare to be different this year and order Mexican or Chinese takeout.


No tropical island or party is complete without the umbrella drinks or a Tiki style beverage on the table. The rum beverages can have something spicy in them just to give it a kick.

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Decorate tables with fruit-filled centrepieces made with pineapples, melons orchids and citrus leaves. Use bamboo and plenty of natural foliage throughout the theme to give it an authentic feel.

The Circus

Carnivals are fun events for people of all ages. It’s the perfect theme for fall events. Style your spaces with red and white stripes, balloons and cotton candy. Serve cocktails in tall glasses.

A stand-out drink idea is to add cotton candy to a glass of champagne. It will disappear sooner than the guest expects, making it fun to drink and to make.

Prepare caramel popcorn treats, corn dogs, hot dogs, pretzels, chicken on a stick and funnel cakes as carnival party treats no one will turn down.

Black and White

Some ideas to get the party started include black and white party decorations, of course. You can add black and white balloons, streamers, tablecloths and napkins – even ask your guest to dress in black and white.

Serve White Russians, Black Russians and chocolate martinis for your thirsty guests. To feed the hungry, prepare chicken Alfredo and black beans, and for dessert add Oreo cookies to vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Chinese New Year

Be the host of a Chinese New Year cocktail event and celebrate an ancient lunar holiday with friends and family. Decorate your home with red accents featuring paper lanterns, and serve festive animal zodiac-themed drinks and desserts.

Coastal Cocktail

For cocktail party ideas, try light-coloured accents and linens, or nautical-themed blues and stripes. Be creative with corals and garlands.

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Don’t forget to include seashells and beach sand in your arrangements to enhance the atmosphere. We recommend preparing an assortment of Jello shots made with the signature liquor.

Casino Royale

Casinos are exciting places as they are heavily decorated. Think champagne taste from the carpets to the lighting. A Casino Royale party will make you feel as though you’re in another world.

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Create a mock casino with your own green betting tables, cards and red plates. When it comes to beverages, you can’t go wrong with a shot of scotch, chocolate martinis, and Long Island ice teas. Steak and seafood are commonly served at the casinos, but finger food is also a sure bet.

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