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I Want A Drone At My Wedding

I want a drone at my wedding! Having recently discovered the art of drone photography,  I am hooked.

Your wedding is going to be one of the most beautiful and memorable events in your life, whether you’re the bride or groom.

With that in mind, it’s important to have your memories recorded forever through photos and videos.

Having found the right venue, the next most important item to check off is organising your wedding photographs. You want them to not only be impressive but taken in a way that seems natural and warm while capturing the excitement of the moment.

Having a Photobooth is gaining popularity and so too is the buzzing wedding drone.

A great new way to do this is using a drone to take some of your wedding photography, and below you’ll find advantages as well as some limitations of this technology.


Aerial Photographs Of Your Event

Aerial photographs are amazing. They capture the combination of the setting as well as the event, and drones are a fun and exciting way to enhance your wedding day memories.

They give a unique perspective of the celebration for a very reasonable price, and using drones at a wedding is one of the latest trends.

If the success of drone photography is any indication, then it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

They Capture the Whole Event

Because drones can elevate almost limitlessly, they have the advantage of being able to capture everything that’s going on during the event.

While ground photography is intimate, it’s also isolated to a smaller location, but with a drone, you’ll know what happened at one end of the party while you were celebrating at the other.

What a great way to create unique and beautiful memories, with clear photos of your happy day from just about every angle.

Country and Hunter Valley Wedding Venues such as Tocal Homestead offer particularly spectacular views from which to shoot your aerial wedding shots.

Tocal Homestead

Conventional photography is enhanced and broadened by this go-anywhere, see-everything helper in the air. The advances and popularity Drone technology now means you can hire someone who has as much skill with a drone as with a camera. Given the compact size of DJI Spark Drone, you could even do it yourself and are not lugging around anything larger than a camera.

Have That Air Of Extravagance

Many people believe that photographs taken from a great height require lots of Hollywood-style equipment that costs a fortune.

Well, before these drones took the skies it was. Couples have been using helicopters to capture aerial footage of their weddings for years, costing them a small fortune.

But with drones, the costs are affordable, and you no longer have to compromise the quality and uniqueness of your photographs.

However, you should consider some level of drone training or a drone course in order to become fully proficient.


Drones Can Be Distractive

Drones can be noisy and be a very real distraction.

Outdoor weddings are already challenging with getting sound to carry, so add to that a buzzing drone, and you’ve got some serious disturbance of the peace.

While drones may be suitable for taking a limited number of shots (albeit very stunning shots), people also want the option to pose and create their own memories – which explains the equally popular phenomena of Booth Boy Photobooth wedding photography.

Booth Boy Photobooth gives you the option – indoors or outdoors – be photographed with hwoever you want, at any time you want. And you don’t havetoworry about batteries letting you down!

Some people may not hear the vows that are being exchanged if the drone is flying low, and if you have a ground photographer taking video, you may run the risk of having an almost constant whirring noise over the top of every scene.

Drones Are Not Allowed In All Locations

Drones are safe, but there are some places where a drone isn’t permitted to be used for wedding photography.

Almost every indoor venue won’t or can’t allow it, any area with too many large trees, or marquees, and anywhere where there are overhead power lines or telephone poles.

For couples looking for unique and amazing wedding photographs, limitations aside, there’s no going past drone photography.

The many advantages of this new trend make it a must-have technology, and with the right photography group that knows how and where to use drones, you’ll be on a high in more ways than one.

Image Source Credit: Flickr CC0 License

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