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A Summer of Steaks

Ah, Feast.  A smorgasbord of food and drink all for a good cause. If you’re not familiar with Victoria’s gigantic and amazing food festival yet, you should be and you should plan to buy some tickets for next year.

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You’ll discover wonderful eats, smiling foodies and plenty of wine and beer tasting.  Your belly will be satisfied (okay, stuffed) and your heart will be filled knowing that you are helping others fill their bellies as all of the net proceeds goes towards Partners For A Hunger-Free Highlands!

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This was my second year photographing Feast. I am so thankful that Little Green Pickle invited me back to be a part of this delicious festival.

Not only do I get to partake in the festivities but I get to photograph all the happenings- and to be honest I’m not sure which one makes me happier.  I love photographing food and action shots of the dishes and I have so much fun… even if it’s a challenge to juggle a large camera + food plate + wine glass.

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If you follow my blog you’ll know I can be a woman of few words.  I am okay with that.  I feel it is my job to bring you the visual story, to entice you to check out Feast not because of my food descriptions but because of my images.

food steak festival 4

So you will not find a list of my favorite eats and there will not be details of everything I photographed.

Enjoy the photos.  I hope you leave hungry.

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