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Boardroom Men. The Three Piece Power Suit

Have you ever had a big boardroom meeting to attend to and were a bit unsure on what to wear?

Well, look no further! In our blog post today, Men’s Boardroom Style: The Three Piece Power Suit, we have the power suit to get you through and nail those big corporate moments!

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As an investment banker by day, I’ve seen many different suit types in the boardroom.

From the standard navy blue, to black to light grey, these have typically been the two button single-breasted suit with a white or blue shirt and tie.

We here at No.Paparazzi have come up with the ultimate boardroom power suit: the three piece black pinstripe suit.

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Why? Well here’s a number of reasons:

  • When worn with a white shirt, a quality silk tie and a pocket square, it speaks style, sophistication and a ‘ready-to-perform’ attitude;
  • The pinstripes add a touch of character and show confidence;
  • If you need to take off your jacket, you still have the vest on. This keeps the look professional and you will stand out from the peers who have taken their jackets off;
  • Lastly, the suit makes you look and feel like a winner!

On location for the shoot, we’ve used a white background to keep the focus on the suit. I’ve shot a number of looks, including some full length, close up shots and views from the back.

boardroom 3 piece shoot 2

Thanks to Calibre for providing the stunning suit, shirt, tie and pocket square. For a ready to wear suit, it fit extremely and was nicely tailored, with some beautiful lining inside the jacket to make it feel silky and comfortable.

We’d love to hear your comments or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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